6 Zodiac Signs That Are Good Communicators In A Relationship


Geminis communicate well in relationships.Geminis ask questions without thinking their partners know the answers, which keeps talks interesting. 

This sign and their partner have all different kinds of conversations — anything from small talk to discussing the great questions of life.


Libras are great communicators in the way they don't need to make every conversation about themselves.

Libras speak less about themselves, letting their partners communicate freely without judgement. Libras promptly react to their partner's concerns and strive to understand them.


Pisces are there 100 percent for their partners, and they let them know with both their physical and verbal presence.

Pisces are grateful to be part of their partner's life and make sure to always say thank you. They use "feeling" language and don't put too much pressure on their partner.


Leos like to have regular relationship check-ins with their partner because they don't want to be unaware of a problem.

If there's a problem, Leos are very careful about choosing the right time to have a conversation. Starting a fight when both parties are angry will only make matters worse.


It's very rare that Sagittarius finds themselves in a situation where they're unable to carry on a conversation with someone.

Sagittarius can discuss everything, from cocktail party gossip to serious philosophical problems. They like exchanging experiences and can listen as well as communicate.

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