An Acknowledged Therapist Dissects What Real Love Is

What is 'true love'?

Loving someone unconditionally is not imposing your own standards or assumptions on them. Love is showing concern for another person .

Eight essential truths regarding genuine affection are outlined here.

True love is not new — it is lasting.

Yes, it's true that every relationship must begin with a first kiss. But falling in love again is simple. It seems vast and full of romance. 

 True love is accessible.

Real love requires a shared emotional experience.Emotional connection has been shown to be the most crucial element in the development of long-lasting love.

 True love is responsive.

Your spouse should be someone you can rely on to be there for you whenever you need them. Have a Lancelot if he doesn't come to your rescue when the dragon roars.

True love is engaged.

There is an expectation of communication when a partner is present. You can become furious if you give someone the ball and they drop it.

True love is always growing.

Even if you're not actively listening to or conversing with your spouse, you may as well be. Attention and presence are essential components of engagement.

 True love is faithful.

Couples must first have confidence in their relationship, which implies trusting that their partner will be reliable throughout time.

 True love is transparent.

To have your spouse understand and meet your innermost wants and aspirations, you must be honest and open with them.

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