Astrologer-Recommended Goal Setting for Each Astrological Sign


Aries, you're a born leader. Marquardt thinks you probably make objectives based on instinct and follow uncharted roads.


Taurus, you love seeing the finish of the trip. As a fixed sign that hates change, ambitious long-term ambitions run against your nature.


As a creative Mercury-ruled air sign, you often set too many ambitions. If you're not following through, review your objectives. You're a superb multitasker.


Pisces, Neptune rules your inner world. Marquardt believes you may easily imagine and dream up a life you desire to live. He argues it's typically a philosophical or emotional ideal .


Cancers are feeling-oriented. Marquardt believes you choose objectives that make you feel secure or comfortable. Using your emotions to set objectives is beneficial.


Leo, you work best on goals that will get you recognised. Marquardt feels praise might motivate you to achieve further goals.


"For Virgos, the largest life changes and progress frequently happen via the little, gradual actions that they adopt into their regular routine," he explains.

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 Being the sign of relationships, your strength is in understanding people and behaving diplomatically, not in pursuing your own goals.


You like to achieve objectives alone. "Scorpios work behind the scenes, often in a sleuth-like manner, to accomplish something that leaves others wondering.


Sagittarius, "Go big or go home" is your life motto, and goal-setting is no exception. Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, inspires huge dreams.


Capricorn is the most goal-oriented sign. Saturn, which regulates long-term time, inspires you to pursue great goals. If you don't lose sight of the specifics, you can achieve objective.


Aquarius, question the current quo to succeed. "You frequently find yourself aware of difficulties hurting the communal good and in quest of solutions," says Marquardt.

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