Astrologers' Top Hobbies for Each Zodiac Sign


Marmanides suggests sharing your narrative more and adding a professional touch with “a minor investment in a decent microphone or perhaps a ring light.”


Marmanides adds Virgo, "renowned for meticulousness, procedure, and harvest," oversees Taurus' inventiveness. Taurus benefits from being even more grounded.


Marmanides suggests Gemini "take this opportunity to give their clothes a substantial update and revamp" in 2023. Change your style often.


Leos should read the book club book since Sagittarius governs their fifth house and wants to learn. Marmanides advises Leos to read their TBR lists.


Marmanides says cancer may "go deep and learn to know themselves" in 2023. Scorpio's "intensity and mystery" dominates Cancer's fifth house, therefore she advises learning to read .


Libra enjoys gaming this year. Marmanides thinks Libras are social butterflies since Aquarius rules their fifth house. Make a regular date with food and friends. 


Detail-oriented Capricorn rules Virgo's fifth house, influencing their ambitions. Marmanides feels it makes people prone to create timeless art.


Marmanides advises Pisces to stop collecting cooking videos and start producing them this year since Cancer rules their fifth house. Make something yummy.


Scorpio becomes childish and dreamy like its fifth-house lord Pisces. Marmanides feels video gaming is ideal for uniting their minds. Get a new game for your favourite system.


Marmanides suggests Aquarius journal this year. With Gemini governing their fifth house, they should write. “It's going to be a year that marks the start of a lot of personal transformations.


 Consider group workout courses. Don't forget your brain: “Mental power and sharpness is just as vital, therefore this can also be a fantastic chance.


Taurus controls Capricorn's fifth house of creativity, therefore Marmanides advises "practising a little pampering" by nurturing beauty and luxury.

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