Best Cat Breeds for All 12 Horoscope Signs

Aries, one of the most dynamic and somewhat demanding horoscope signs, wants an adventurous cat. The oldest cat breed, the Abyssinian, is ideal.

Aries: Abyssinian

Aries: Siamese

Siamese also suit Aries. They like talking to everyone. Siamese cats are smart and affectionate, making them perfect additions to cat-loving households.

The American Shorthair is a BFF of Taurus, one of the most loyal zodiac signs (best feline friends). This laid-back cat breed is loyal and content on its own.

Taurus: American Shorthair

LaPerm cats are touchy like Taurus. It uses its paws to explore, even your lap. This accelerates bonding, yet their love will be intense.

Taurus: LaPerm

Taurus has an eye for the beautiful things in life so will be immediately drawn to the attractive Ragdoll. Like Taurus, this breed is sweet and sensitive, with plenty of love to give. 

Taurus: Ragdoll

Geminis can manage temperamental cats. Chausie, an ancient Egyptian "jungle cat," is here. This breed is brave, inquisitive, and hyperactive.

Gemini: Chausie

Gemini also likes the chatty Siamese. Like its owner, the Siamese may switch between enthusiastic and quiet.

Gemini: Siamese

The Turkish Van is another friendly cat breed. It's known as "the swimming cat" since it's playful on land and in water.

Gemini: Turkish Van

Cancer: Exotic Shorthair

Homebody Cancer needs a peaceful couch friend occasionally. The zodiac's crab would love the Exotic Shorthair, the most gentle cat breed.

 Somali cats, the Abyssinian's long-haired relative, will offer Cancer the attention and care they need and utilise their playfulness to bring Cancer out of their shell.

Cancer: Somali

The sweet Maine Coon will appeal to the family-oriented Cancer. This friendly cat wants to connect with its human family.

Cancer: Maine Coon

Leo, the zodiac's self-proclaimed boss, wants a royal cat. Queen Victoria and other royals preferred the Persian.

Leo: Persian

The Abyssinian may be Leo's domestic cat. Both seek praise and attention, yet their loving sides allow them to offer and accept.

Leo: Abyssinian

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