Crush Behavior by Zodiac Sign

As a cardinal fire sign, you show interest in people assertively and honestly. Your honesty sets you distinct, yet you may be a touch pushy.



Slow and steady wins the race. Considering your earthy nature, you’re always looking to go the distance when it comes to romance.

Unpredictability is your reputation. When you love someone, your intentions are apparent. Mutable air signs want cognitively interesting connections.


You're empathetic. You constantly check in on your crush and tend to their needs. You're cautious in new relationships, but you're open once you're comfortable.


As a sun sign, your intentions are usually detected. As long as you're reciprocated, you'll flatter and pamper someone you like.


You seldom have crushes, but when you do, you want to help your crush. As a changeable earth sign, you want to help others.


This may cause others to be confused about your intentions at times, but when you’re *really* interested in someone.


 While your crush may think you slid into their DMs on a whim, you probably planned to reach out *weeks* in advance. 


As the adventure-seeking zodiac sign, you enjoy the chase. Since you enjoy plenty of freedom,you’re attracted to people with a similar vibe.You’re not looking for security in relationships.


Saturn, the planet of discipline, makes you a more conventional romantic. Crushes tend to be more restrained, thus you may not instantly declare your intentions.


You’re someone who usually comes off cool, calm, and collected, and when you like someone, it’s no different. In fact, you may appear so casual.


Being interested in someone makes you unselfish and giving with your time, effort, and energy.


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