Each Zodiac Sign's February 6-12, 2023 Weekly Horoscope


This week has you fighting for your rights, Aries. You know you have done something good, and it's not that you want praise for it, but you'd like to be acknowledged.


When work goes wrong, you cheat. Yes, and although you don't think of it as cheating, you'll be trying to "even out" work this week.


You know nobody will do it if you don't. You also feel like the only one who can do it perfectly. This week, you'll be more selfish than usual since you think someone needs to "take over" 


You'll enjoy your week alone. This week, you don't want pals and don't need opinions. You prefer your goods over people.


As you start to spend all your time worrying, speculating, and fearing the end, you'll do whatever it takes to have fun this week.


You'll refuse aid. But you didn't ask for their aid, so anything that seems like unwanted advise makes you want to pull your hair out.


Just in case people in your life don't know you are a passionate and fierce control freak, this week will certainly drive the point home. 


Weeks end. That's a big "duh," but it means you'll have done all you could to make this week terrific. Your "compulsive worker" will emerge, requiring physical labour.


You'll smell like a rose on February 6–12, 2023, among all zodiac signs. You'll discover paradise in your brain since you realised few people are listening to you.


Only one thing hurts you, Sagittarius, and it's your constant desire to judge everything and everyone around you. You drive yourself crazy.


This week, you may steal something important at a modest price. Aquarius, deals and little achievements make you feel cheerful this week. 

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