Each Zodiac Sign's Weekly Tarot Horoscope For February 6-12, 2023


Aries, you may make a big error or destroy something this week in your rush to finish something.

You feel creatively destroyed, as if you are stuck in something you can't get out of, and this week will have you making a very serious decision.


While certain things in your life are going so well that you can hardly believe anything negative, you'll find that there's still a little negativity left.


Love and family dominate this week. You may be the star of this mini-drama and the peacekeeper. This week, family members will come to you since you'make the most sense' and are dependable.


This card puts you in the right position at the right moment for friendship, pleasant feelings, and sharing this week.


This week makes you accept what you must, but with a new outlook. You've accepted your destiny rather than lamenting it till your death.


Failures and miscommunications ruin your well-planned week. It's not sad, and you can plan it again, but wow, this is not what you planned for this week.



If you can make a concerted effort this week to keep your indulgences to a minimum, you'll find that you have taken the first step to saving your own life.

However, this week will try your patience as the timing here, this week, is all about putting you on hold.


This week, you're focused on work and will remind anybody who's slacking to get moving.


This week, you'll avoid criticism since something is failing. This week, your pals will be the first to criticise you, which is nervy and inappropriate, but you'll take it personally.


This week, your naïveté will harm something. This is a nasty way of stating you will make a stupid mistake this week and appear silly.


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