Experts Pick the Five Most Attractive Zodiac Signs

Those born under the Libra zodiac sign tend to be refined and cultured, which is fitting for the sign controlled by Venus.


Libras often have the face and body of a supermodel, yet their beauty goes well beyond appearances. The Libran temperament is one of equilibrium. 

The Taurus zodiac sign, like the Pisces, is also associated with Venus and is often seen as attractive. Those born under this zodiac sign exude an endearing blend of confidence.


The sentiment behind it is sincere as well. A Taurus may seem relaxed at first, but their steadfast self-assurance shines through in all they do.

Leos are irresistible because they exude a radiance, assurance, and attractiveness bestowed upon them by their ruling planet.


Their wit and flamboyance are likely to win you over. In terms of their own style, Leos go for outfits and accessories that make them seem radiant

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is number four on the list of the most handsome zodiac signs. Especially when put against the other zodiac signs.


The Cancerian's warmth and naiveté are what make them so appealing. They show genuine warmth and tenderness, just as a mother would.


This zodiac sign exudes an alluring blend of seductive danger and fiery ardour. Those who like this level of intensity will be drawn to this captivating symbol.

Scorpion romances are often defined as a deep, unrivalled passion that will make you feel more alive than you ever have before. But, their appeal is not limited to their love compatibility.

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