February 6–12, 2023: Each Zodiac Sign's Luckiest Day.

This energy may help you realise your goals and concentrate on your requirements. This week's energy is Vesta, which symbolises home and your personal fire. 



Capricorn energy regulates your fortunes, and this week Pluto and Mercury collide to alter you. Mercury oversees critical dialogues while Pluto rules the unseen.

Mercury enters Aquarius this week, bringing luck back. Mercury governs thinking and communication. It helps you negotiate and debate crucial issues.


Neptune in Pisces emphasises luck. Neptune denotes unconditionality, dreams, and infinite possibilities. In Capricorn, it crosses relationship luck with Mercury.


Jupiter, the planet of plenty, in Aries joins the North Node in Taurus to stimulate all luck themes in your life. These planets mix luck and change.


Vesta in Aries intensifies your luck. As additional planets enter Aries, more chances will occur in this area of your life.


Mercury governs mind and speech. As it enters Aquarius, you will be driven to embrace your truth and creativity. Being yourself attracts your destiny.


Aries energy governs mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness for individuals and relationships. As you discover that increasing your health is the key to getting what you desire.



Mercury oversees your thoughts and speech, and Aquarian energy dominates your communication area.

This week's cosmic energy teaches you that validating and honouring your emotions helps you find gold there. Never disregard a sensation, even if it provides the solution you've been seeking.


Libra enhances your life while the Moon controls your emotions. You'll feel invincible while the Moon moves through this zodiac sign.


In a few weeks, the Aries stellium in your value sector will promise a significant promotion, increase, or other enterprise with a great financial payout. 


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