Forecasting Your Love Life for the Week of February 13 - 19, 2023

Most romantic days of this week

February 13

Today's Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio will let you start the week light-heartedly. The Last Quarter Moons are a moment to let go of what no longer serves you.

February 16

The asteroid Pallas controls intelligence and knowledge. It also lets you fight for what you want or believe in, but in issues of the heart it may be much more valuable.

February 18

Pisces begins This zodiac sign regulate intuition, romanticism, and pure love, making season vital for couples.It's a crucial relationship season due to Pisces' forgiving and understanding.

Weekly love horoscope for all zodiac signs from February 13–19, 2023.


Pallas is going to help you this week to finally start addressing the things that have been going on in your relationship that you have been holding back from talking about.


Scorpio is your sister sign and controls your love life. The Last Quarter Moon in this sign is a moment to let go so you may concentrate on the future.


Cancer rules over a serious but joyful part of your life. This is the sector that governs marriage, children, joy and even your own sense of self-expression.


This sector saw growth or even expansion in it over the past year as Jupiter passed through and will find greater dedication and faith as Saturn settles in here in just a few weeks.


You are focused on yourself and building the life you desire. The Moon enters Sagittarius just as Valentine's Day approaches this week.


Venus in Pisces is expanding your love horizons while Pluto in Capricorn is emphasising metamorphosis. You should defer your expectations of relationships and love for now.


Asteroid Pallas directs in Cancer this week, boosting your love connection lessons. Pallas rules knowledge, learning, and relationship choices.


Pisces energy governs value, including the people that matter most. This week, the Sun returns to this sign to join Venus, the planet of love. Let your love light shine.


Scorpio energy governs family and home. This week's First Quarter Moon shows you what you need to relinquish to live and love more truthfully.


Learning to just accept happiness can be as challenging as working through periods of growth, but learning to is essential so that you can enjoy all that is to come. 


 Aquarius energy dominates your home and family sector, and when the Sun and Saturn meet here, your action based on lessons learnt becomes crucial to your love future.


Capricorn energy governs home and family matters. As the Moon passes this zodiac sign this week, check in with your emotional body about all the changes.

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