Four Zodiac Signs Who Improve Relationships February 13–19,2023

This is the month-long celebration of the fish, the symbol for this zodiac sign and gives you a chance to tap into greater hope as Pisces is truly the eternal optimist. 


When the water sign of Pisces is active, you may notice shifts in your own romantic life, since this is Pisces' domain.

The solar return in Pisces brings in some auspicious energy that suggests because of another ending in your life that a beginning will finally take place.


This week's solar return in your sign marks a turning point for you, and not only in love relationships. It also opens the door to the type of life you've always dreamed of.

This is a chance for you to embrace more of your own wants and needs and take that into a sort of action for greater abundance.


This week brings you closer to the stellium in Aries next week which will bring something in your own romantic life to fruition.

 The asteroid Pallas, the goddess of knowledge, becomes direct in your work sector this coming week, and this has significant implications 


Now that so many planets are moving downward through Aries, topics of commitment, procreation, and happiness are likely to be front and centre in your thoughts. 

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This doesn't imply you have to commit to anything, but rather that these things will be very important to you during the next 30 days, if not longer.

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