Four Zodiac Signs With Better Relationships February 5–30, 2023

This week is a great time to improve your relationship or meet someone new. Aquarius, Leo is your polarising sign and balances your love connections.


Leo is all-in. Leo is passionate and follows their heart, whereas you like ideas and experience. This boosts your energy and connection.

Venus and Mars will clash this week, resolving a relationship problem. Venus, the goddess of love, opens your heart chakra to enable greater sensation and emotion.


Venus in Pisces promotes your home area, helping you feel better about it and generate more. Your house and relationship should feel unconditional like Pisces.

Like Sagittarius, Mars and Venus will unite this week, bringing personal changes. Mars in Gemini emphasises profession over romance.


Work is more controllable than love, so it's simple to prioritise it. Accolades, promotions, and increases make job success simple. Success in love is typically inside, not outward.

In the next days, asteroid Ceres retrogrades in your heavenly sign, balancing your inner self and sexual partnership. Ceres rules femininity and family.


Retrogrades help you reconnect with yourself. Slow down and concentrate on your divine feminine needs instead of duties, people, or the hectic pace of life.

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