Funniest Zodiac Signs, Ranked


Each sign may be hilarious, but Capricorns prefer to hide their feelings, even laughing. Capricorns may be difficult to understand.


Aquarius isn't last because they're not witty; they simply like to laugh at others' jokes. Aquarians first prefer to express their humour with a small group .


Cancers like direct, to-the-point comedy, which may be an acquired taste but is a favourite for those who like it. Make sure everyone around you know you're kidding.


They won't yell their joke to the audience. Yet they will whisper a cruelly funny statement to their closest friend, making them giggle.


They can swiftly see the irony in any scenario or defuse tension with a spot-on comment. This form of comedy is obviously situational, but when it works, it works well.


Scorpios should be aware of when their jokes are harsh or disrespectful. Give new pals time to eventually "understand" your comedy.


Being witty allows Leos to shine. They're the buddy that tells outlandish stories full of exaggeration for humorous effect and acts out all the parts, voices included. 


Aries, natural leaders, utilise jokes to show their teams, employees, and friends that the world is safe in their (very humorous) hands.


Geminis are noted for their wit and zingers. Gemini has the uncommon ability to make fun of people without being nasty or disrespectful. Because they can give and take and use their humour on themselves.


Super-friendly Libra is the zodiac's social butterfly, therefore they're naturally funny. If you smile, Libras smile.


Sagittarius is the funniest sign since they are intelligent and witty. Archers are known for finding comedy in any scenario and making you laugh as soon as they walk in.

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