His Zodiac Sign Reveals How He Loves You


 They approach every situation with logic, so if they outright tell you that they love you, it's coming from a very deep place.


If there is one thing Taurus loves more than food, it's passionate love. Taurus is a sucker for love and they are known for falling fast.


Gemini can be kind of a flirt, which means you might not be the only one they're texting at first (harsh, but true!).


Cancer is extremely attracted to someone who can hold their own and have their own ambitions outside of the relationship.


A Leo loves having a lot of freedom in (pretty much) everything they do, but when they fall in love they stop thinking so much about themselves


A Virgo can be hard to pin down when it comes to love. They hate feeling vulnerable and letting someone love them unconditionally can freak them out a bit.


One of his biggest giveaways is getting more intimate with you; if you respect a Libra as much as he respects you, your relationship will go far.


Scorpio's stubbornness makes easygoing companions ideal. He'll worship you instead of saying "I love you."


Love is another thrill for Sagittarius. They fall in love easily, making it look like they're never serious.


Aquarius might look distant and unapproachable, making it hard to discern whether they adore you. Love focuses them on their partner.


Even though they enjoy being in love, the worst thing that can happen to them is having their heart shattered, thus they may seem distant.

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