His Zodiac Sign Reveals Whether He Misses You

Since Aries is so naturally competitive, any challenge to his dominance will make him feel vulnerable. An Aries man's oncoming jealousy is a sign that he misses you.


Taurus is loyal to his partners, yet he has a hard time admitting when he misses you. This is what makes understanding a Taurus guy so challenging.


When it comes to interpreting their emotions, Geminis are notoriously tough to read. He'll tell you he misses you with all his heart one day, and then ignore your messages the next.


A Cancer guy will miss you deeply and it will be tough for him to hide his feelings. Despite what he says, he cares more about you as a couple than he lets on.


A Leo guy who misses you will drop hints that he wants some of your attention. This may be done softly, but it's still easy to see.


He has a tendency to be hard on himself, which means he may hesitate to express his feelings for you if he thinks you would judge him negatively.


One of the best things about a Libra male is his commitment to truth, justice, and honesty. It indicates he won't sugarcoat the truth if he says he misses you.


It's safe to say that Scorpio's fiery temperament is one of his most distinguishing characteristics. In fact, he finds that making passionate movements


Sagittarius wants time alone to go through his emotions, but if you don't give him that, he'll disappear. Eventually, Sagittarius will miss you.


It's not hard for a Capricorn to keep his emotions in check since he takes life extremely seriously and has an abundance of self-control.


Since Aquarius tends to avoid showing his feelings, it will be difficult for him to accept that he misses you.


The bright side is that you won't have to worry whether your Pisces guy misses you since he has probably already informed you that he does.


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