Horoscopes from Madame Clairvoyant, Week of February 13


You choose a confrontational approach to dealing with individuals who are disrespectful or hostile towards you.


You fear that everything you've fought for may collapse at any second, including the relationships you've invested so much time and energy into.


. It's not uncommon to find such counsel infeasible; after all, you're already spread too thin to give this type of thing the time and attention it deserves.


It's easy to lose focus after you've been used to your regular routines, the people in your neighbourhood, and your daily life.


There are times in life when you should push ahead and times when you should settle down, times when you should take calculated emotional risks and times when you should play it safe.


You want to be of service to others, to provide calm where there is only confusion, to ease the suffering that seems to be everywhere at the moment.


You're not the kind to take risks just for the purpose of it or engage in risky behaviour. You want confirmation that you're not making a fool of yourself.


Their views on who you are, what you're capable of, and the decisions you should be making have started to seep into your own mind.


The road ahead is unpaved, and you may take any big professional detour or relocate anywhere in the globe and still be successful.


It's easy to neglect your pals without even realising it. Despite how much they mean to you, there's always something more pressing that needs your attention.


You've come to realise that even if you were to succeed in meeting everyone's high standards, you'd still be trapped in a rut where you never had a chance to grow or express your true self.


You've realised as of late that a certain period in your life is winding down. Perhaps you have achieved the closure you've been searching for after the end of a relationship or the conclusion of a major fight.

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