How Do You Know Love? Love Signs

Love Signs

Love may seem like madness. Your body undergoes many scientific processes. According to the Harvard Gazette, falling in love increases dopamine, which activates your pleasure regions.

You're obsessed with them.

Seriously. During the day, they’re on your mind. At night, they frequent your dreams. It’s tough to shake the thought of them. 

You know them best.

You may complete each other's sentences, answer their questions before they do, or remember their favourite dish before your own.

 You frequently imagine a future with them.

In addition to thinking about them constantly, you’re also looking ahead — way ahead — and fantasizing about what your collective future could look like. 

You value their time.

 This is a careful balance you’ll have to work out for yourself — don’t leave your friends and family behind to only spend time with your partner. 

 You feel safe.

Huge. It's hard to describe feeling secure, but you'll feel comfortable talking to them about anything, you'll be yourself, and they won't put you in unpleasant circumstances.

You’re more affectionate.

You love more, particularly your partner. You can't stop holding hands, kissing in the grocery store, or watching Netflix and chilling.

You're on top.

This is the best part about being in love. You can’t stop smiling, you might find yourself acting kinder to others, and your overall vibe is brighter. You might even start dressing differently. 

How to Declare Love to Someone

This can be one of the most intimidating conversations to have. To make it easier on your brain, write out all of the reasons you love the person.

Can Love End?

Naturally. It's possible to fall out of love, whether due to an affair, stress, or waning sentiments. Communication with your spouse is crucial when it does.

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