How To Become Luckier Using Astrology

If Tyche is in Aries, candle magic and incense manifestation will make you lucky. Green candles with cinnamon incense.



Positive affirmations work better for manifestations with Tyche in Taurus. It's like you were born with fortunate girl syndrome and didn't know it!

If you have your Tyche in Gemini, you can activate and bring more luck into your life by writing down your manifestations.


With Tyche in Cancer, the best way for you to manifest luck is to jump into the shower and visualize what you want to manifest.


With Tyche in Leo, the best way for you to manifest luck is to act as if you already are what you want to be or you already have what you want in your life.

Leo's Tyche

Tyche in Virgo will benefit from scripting manifestation. This strategy is systematic and discreet, which Virgo appreciates.


Venus controls Libra, therefore picture your desires while listening to Venus's 221.23 Hz frequency to realise them with Tyche in Libra.


When you release the poisonous and evolve, Tyche in Scorpio brings luck.Visualize replacing what you don't want with what you do.

Scorpio Tyche


If Tyche is in Sagittarius, visualise while listening to Jupiter's 183.58 Hz frequency to materialise. More so if you desire any form of abundance.

Bay leaf magic suits Tyche in Capricorn.
Write your wishes on a dried bay leaf and take it with you or place it under your pillow before bed!

Capricorn Tyche

Being spontaneous and trying new ideas brings success with this location. Vision boards are perfect for Tyche in Aquarius since they're Aquarius!


Meditation is your closest buddy if Tyche is in Pisces. Since Pisces is the most spiritual sign, meditation helps them connect with the metaphysical.

Pisces Tyche

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