Libra's 10 Greatest and Worst Personalities

What is a Libra?

Libra's animal-free emblem is unusual. Yet it's spot-on. Scales represent Libra. Libra's universe must balance like a scale.

5 Positive Libra Personalities


Libras enjoy teamwork. They function well in groups, but not everyone. They like problem-solving together, which reflects their equilibrium.


Libra is the social butterfly of the Zodiac. Many signs are envious of Libra's impeccable social skills since there are very few that rank higher.


Libras are brilliant conversationalists. They solve problems well because they think quickly. Libra friends can get you out of tough situations.


Libra values justice and fairness to maintain equilibrium. They listen to everyone before making a choice (they probably won't).


Libras trust others. Due to their optimism, they set the standard for positivity. In a world full with hatred, it's wise to start with no ill will.

5 Negative Libra Personality Traits


Libra really is a people pleaser. Libras consider all possibilities because they value balance and symmetry. They may spend hours weighing the advantages and downsides .


Being peacekeepers, Libras detest conflict. They'll negotiate with others yet ignore their own issues.


Tragedies make Libras self-centered. Libra loses perspective and becomes self-centered when things go wrong.


Libras' indecisiveness and reluctance to commit make them flighty. Due of their sociable nature, they chatter readily.


They will spend five additional minutes to get dressed, even after grooming and preening for hours, and they will up their skincare regimen to prevent ageing.

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