Lucky Days for Each Zodiac Sign, February 13-19, 2023

The more you accept this week for what it is, the more you'll be able to shape the next chapter of your life in the way that you see fit.



Your luck sector is ruled by Taurus and Capricorn, so you may experience significant upheaval now that Pluto's visit is coming to a close.

The conjunction of the Sun and Saturn in the zodiacal sign of Aquarius has profound implications for all luck-related matters in your life.


With Venus now established in Pisces, you'll have a clearer picture of what drives you and what brings you the most joy. 


You may feel like a new person this week as the Sun's position in Pisces stimulates topics connected to this area of your life. 


It will improve your ability to communicate, allowing you to have the kinds of meaningful interactions in your professional and personal life .


You'll want to make sure your mental and emotional health is up to par now that the Sun is in Pisces and stimulating your sixth house of health.


While this water sign is naturally more concerned with domestic matters, it also has the power to bring about growth in the areas of your life that might use it the most.


It may appear to be happening more in your personal life, such your love or domestic relationships, but it will have an effect on all parts of your life.


Your communication skills may have been lacking in the past, but with the Sun in Pisces shining a brighter spotlight on these issues this week, you should be feeling more at ease.


Saturn in Aquarius might help you learn from your mistakes and set healthy limits so that you can appreciate the splendour of your current situation.


 With the Sun now in your own sign, it's time to reconnect with your innermost thoughts and feelings.


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