Obsessive Zodiac Signs, Ranked.


They obsess about something or someone and want to breathe and consume it. They have incredible drive and tenacity when they're that dedicated.


Cancer's control originates from a "I love you so deeply I can't even picture my life without you" fixation. They feel. They don't hide their desires.


They are down to earth, but being obsessive is the closest they get to ever being emotionally charged.


Free-spirited Pisces. Their inventiveness and independence enable them to delve into their emotions more than others.


Libras hate solitude. They may obsess about having a romantic or platonic partner. They require entertainment all day to be happy.


They can be persuaded and sometimes fall into an obsessive state of mind, but mainly they are constantly on the move and do not like repetition.


They know they're powerful and tenacious, so they don't need to stress over anything since they'll get it done. Finish nicely.


Capricorns may get obsessed with a passion and work on it day and night, although this is more like reaching a deadline.


 They grow obsessed with specific pursuits, but they do so because they love learning and expressing themselves.


Obsession gives up control, which they want. They'll be interested in something, but they don't have time to obsess.

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