Relationship experts provide 13 Valentine's Day tips for new couples

Discuss Expectations

Your partner's Valentine's Day feelings may be unknown if your relationship is fresh. Do they appreciate lavish dinners and fireworks? They like heart-shaped cookies? Discover.

Love Languages

Hockridge advises against presuming that everyone is comfortable with all forms of intimacy. Transparency improves your day.

Express Your Desires

Dr. David Helfand, PsyD, a certified psychologist, advises being upfront about your V-Day plans to reduce pressure.


“Decide as a team something exciting that you can do together on Valentine's Day,” says licenced mental health counsellor Jordanne Sculler, LMHC. It won't be up to one individual.

Match Your Gift To The Mood

Flowers, cards, and jewellery are common Valentine's Day gifts. However, if it's your first celebration, you may not know what's appropriate.

Confidence in Your Gift

 “Gifts demonstrate you're thinking about someone. The gift's aim is most important. Reframing may save you a lot of trouble.”

Date Night Should Be Casual

When you're fresh to a relationship, it might take a long to get to the staring-at-each-other-across-a-candlelit-table stage.

Your Own Tradition

Your new relationship is a fresh slate, so you can discard unsuitable expectations and replace them with excellent ones. Including making your own Valentine's Day custom.

V-Day Stories

 Talk about your grandparents' pink cupcakes or your second-grade class's card exchange. Sculler says recalling recollections is a lovely approach to bring up.

Be corny.

"Have fun with it, regardless of how corny others may think it is or even if you've seen Valentine's as corny in the past."

Anti-Day Valentine's Party

Anti-Day Valentine's is also possible. If that's your thing, arrange a day that's all for you and your spouse. Sculler suggests a cooking class .

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