Simple Fruity Bay Breeze Cocktail

I enjoy making Bay Breeze Drinks. This delicious drink requires only three cupboard items.Pineapple juice makes this Cape Codder-like beverage. 


*Lime Wedge Cranberry Juice Garnish


*Bar Spoon - Layer or swirl this cocktail to combine the flavours.
*If you want it extra cold, shake this drink.

Equipment Needed

*Pour vodka into the glass.
*Pineapple Juice
 *Cranberry Juice
*Ice and lime garnish

Bay Breeze Cocktail Recipe

If you prefer cranberries, use 2 parts cranberry juice to 1 part pineapple juice.Top this drink with prosecco, sprite, or tonic water for bubbles.


Feel free to adapt this with more of one fruit juice and less of the other depending on which flavor you like the most.

Bay Breeze Cocktail Pitchers?

Coconut rum, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice make a Malibu Bay Breeze. Pineapple slices or wedges.

Malibu Bay Breeze?

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