Tarot Predictions for 2023's Valentine's Day

Those who are in love...

Card 1: How can you understand your relationship better?

This card is a reminder to take stock of how far you and your significant other have gone, both individually and as a couple.

Card 2: What do you need to pay attention to?

This card, the Nine of Swords, suggests that you examine your relationship-related anxieties . Look at old routines or behaviours with kindness.

Card 3: What will best support your growth?

It's normal and good for a relationship to go through this, but it should be handled with respect at all times. 

If You’re Seeking A Relationship...

Card 1: What have you learned from being single?

 This might mean that you've learned to prioritise your own goals rather than bending them to suit the desires of others.

Card 2: What should your next relationship feel like?

 You can choose how to go, although right now you may not realise or accept that fact. 

Card 3:How can you move toward a relationship?

If you draw the Queen of Pentacles, know that you will have a sense of security and confidence. 

If You’re Focused On Singlehood

Card 1: How can you prioritize yourself?

Charity is represented by the Six of Pentacles. It demonstrates the value of giving to others and the rewards that may be had as a result.

Card 2: What needs to be healed?

If you feel that you have been treated unjustly or that you have been unfair to others, it may be time to take action.

Card 3: What will help you move on?

The Queen of Swords says you may go your own way. Strive to forge your own way, but remember that you can always ask for assistance.

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