The 3 Luckiest Zodiac Signs in Love

During the Sun sextile Moon, you and your spouse will have few disagreements and few obstacles to your love.


Since you've experienced troubles that disrupted the equilibrium in the past, Sun's sextile Moon will look like there are no issues.

You've felt like all you do is struggle to make your relationship work, and you've felt like you're losing.


Today brings you a new perspective that will be a refreshing change; during the Sun sextile Moon, you will see that your efforts have finally yielded positive results.

You finally discovered someone who shares your lifestyle, making February 24 fortunate. You're not hard to please, but you're set in your ways.


During the Sun sextile Moon, someone in your life sees you as you are and doesn't want to alter you. They like your lifestyle and want to know more about you.

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