The Astrologically Most Inconsiderate Sign


Aquarians are always contemplating something. Their thoughts are sometimes outlandish, but they are always pondering something new.

When they're under pressure to complete a task quickly and don't want to deviate from their planned path, they might act inconsiderately.


It's no secret that Leos, who are controlled by the sun, like being the centre of attention. Their ego is so important to them that they may forget about other people if it isn't fed often.

It can be difficult for Leos to think of others when they always want to shine—those large and in-charge personalities don't really help either.


A Virgo's practicality and focus on the here and now might border on obsessive. They take pride in succeeding and will gladly tell you if you were wrong about anything important to them. 

Schmidt argues that since earth signs are continually trying to improve themselves, they might come out as cold and deceptive.


Because of their intransigence, Taureans are sometimes labelled as the most obstinate sign. Loftis tells Best Living that introverts often fail to recognise .

These earth signs have tunnel vision when it comes to achieving their goals, making it difficult for them to switch gears and give credit where credit is due. 


Pisces are emotional people who expect others to be considerate of their feelings and provide their needs on a consistent basis. 

Loftis explains, "In order to live, they frequently feel the need to defend themselves, which might make them seem to be selfish or irresponsible.


They are hence self-assured and like to rule over others. Zodiac sign Aries is the most egotistical since its members are always trying to prove themselves correct.

Unless you can help them achieve their goals, they won't really have a need to listen to you, Schmidt says.

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