The Best Pet For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Pisces: Hairless Cat

Pisces: Hairless Cat

For an Aries, they need a pet that is fun-loving and simple to teach. While picking a dog an Aries will likely want one that is independent.

Aries: Beagle

 Taurus is grounded and the quintessential homebody, which means they appreciate chatting to their dogs even more than humans. 

Taurus: Pig

For Gemini, a pet is part of the family and as such, you could choose pets who behave and feel the same way. Dogs are what many would imagine is an obvious pick.

Gemini: Rabbit

As Sagittarius is the dominating influence in a Cancer’s zone of pets, some people feel that the love of freedom doesn’t lend itself well to pet ownership .

Cancer: Siamese Cat

 Leo will typically opt for pets that you can not only spoil, but also pets that they can be proud of when taking them around the town.

Leo: Persian Cat

Aquarius governs the pet zone for Virgos, and this indicates you may choose more exotic “out there” pets. You’d probably also like really autonomous pets .

Virgo: Turtle 

You may enjoy a vast koi pond outdoors with lovely, colourful orange fish and tonnes of plant life, or a giant saltwater aquarium in your living room.

Libra: Fish

Aries has a significant impact on with Scorpio here, and it implies you may take on pets that truly are tough. You normally like pets that are quite autonomous.

Scorpio: Ferret

A hedgehog is an ideal pet for a Sagittarius. This is the perfect-sized pet for you, since you can carry it on all of your wild escapades.

Sagittarius: Hedgehog

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You can handle any animal. For you, however, one would never be enough.

Capricorn: Golden Retriever

As the ruler of Aquarius pet influences is Cancer, you have a real warmth when it comes to animals, and you tend to enjoy them more than people. 

Aquarius: Labrador 

Strangeness fascinates Pisces. At times, their mind is in a dreamworld, rather than here on earth.

Pisces: Hairless Cat

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