The Kindest Zodiac Signs Ranked



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Libra is courteous, sociable, and compassionate. Libras do most charity and humanitarian work! They like helping. Libras are obsessive helpers. Libras love making others happy.


Another kinder zodiac sign is Pisces. Pisces may seem more pushy than Libra and "naggy" and "nosy," yet they only want to assist!


Taurus may surprise with its kindness. They seem unkind and uncompromising. Taurus is notorious for their tenacity and bullheadedness.


Aquarius, however low on our list, is adored. Kind, but not sensitive like Libra, campaigning like Pisces, or patient like Taurus.


Vagabond Sagittarius. Indifferent to strangers. This is false. Sagittarians are pleasant and optimistic. Sagittarius, an elusive air sign, avoids bad habits and harmful lives.


We're becoming nasty. Everyone knows Gemini is deceitful, deceptive, and two-faced. Geminis like playing nasty jokes and mischief.


Capricorn is naturally the meanest sign. Capricorn, an Earth sign with stone hearts, seldom regrets hurting others. They isolate themselves emotionally.


Cancer is not inherently cruel, but its wild emotional rollercoasters make people nasty to others. But, they're not as bad as they seem.


Leos crave attention and socialising. Leo strives to lead with compassion by sharing their triumphs, but they frequently fail.


Feared for their dangerous natures, and aptly symbolized by the venomous scorpion, you should never mess with a Scorpio. 


Rams represent fierce Aries. Like Leo, these fiery beasts are known for relentlessly pursuing their goals. People employ willpower to achieve their aims.


Virgo is least kind. Virgos are grating. Virgos are tight-fisted and high-strung, yet they behave harshly by default.

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