The Love Language Each Zodiac Sign Is Most Likely To Have

Capricorn: affirmations

Co-Star says Capricorns work hard. They prioritise employment and independence. According to The Times of India, Capricorns are grounded and cherish achievement.


They see beauty in the ordinary. Love is a simple idea. Aquarians value science, philosophy, and humanitarianism. Aquarians enjoy service because they want to change the world and "the system."

Pisces—quality time

Pisces are the most compassionate sign (via Horoscope). They're sensitive to their own and others' emotions, and creativity brings them joy. 

Aries: affirmations

Aries are competitive, occasionally aggressive, and always want to win, according to Allure. They become bored fast and turn everything into a game.


After giving your Taurus sweetheart their ideal diamond jewellery? "Dinner at the newest hipster eatery. An extravagant, delicious lunch was served

Gemini: affirmations

How to successfully smooth-talk a Gemini lover? "You'll want to converse endlessly with your date, so it's crucial that you locate a quiet area to talk and bond."

Like Pisces, they are loyal, sensitive, and empathic. Co-Star calls them the most romantic sign despite their shyness. Cancers are loving and hopelessly romantic.

Cancer: time

Leo: affirmations

Today says Leo is the zodiac's confident, flamboyant star. Leos love the spotlight, but they can also make others feel special.

Scorpio: touch

They're very independent and don't let others in easily, so they aren't likely to be wooed with shiny gifts or positive affirmations.

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