The Perfect Car for You Based on Your Zodiac

 Patience is not the virtue of an Aries, and that is because this sign is full of fire, as it is a fire sign. The best car for those who have this sign is the Mazda Miata.

Aries—Mazda Miata

Taurus – Volvo XC60

They also like to splurge. The Volvo XC60 is ideal for Taurus drivers. Its front and side airbags and superior emergency braking system.

Gemini, the third zodiac sign, is an air sign that loves variety and movement, including product bells and whistles! The Volkswagen Jetta is ideal for Geminis!

Gemini—VW Jetta

Water-sign Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign. Cancer, the most maternal sign, simply seeks to protect family and loved ones. This symbol is about home too. 


The sixth earth sign is Virgo. This practical symbol demands perfection and has no tolerance for bullshit. The analytical Virgo should drive a Toyota Prius.

Virgo—Toyota Prius

Fire-sign Leo is the fifth zodiac sign. This sign is all about royalty and showing off, therefore the Subaru Forester is ideal!

Leo—Subaru Forester

Air-sign Libra is the seventh zodiac sign. One sign values balance, socialising, and beauty. Libras should drive the Cadillac Escalade.

Libra—Cadillac Escalade

Water-sign Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign. Scorpios are passionate and indestructible, making the Jeep Wrangler the ideal automobile.

Scorpio—Jeep Wrangler

Fire sign Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign. Sagittarius is optimistic, free, and adventurous. Like its mirror sign, Gemini, Sagittarius is curious. 

Sagittarius—Range Rover

The tenth zodiac sign, Capricorn, is an earth sign that values commerce and realism. So, Capricorns should drive Ford F150 trucks. This brilliant infant can carry a boat in one shot!

F150 Capricorn

It also implies Aquarians see pollution as a global issue and desire to take action to mitigate its impacts.

Aquarius—Model S

Water sign Pisces is the twelfth and final zodiac sign. Dreamy, perceptive, and artistic, this sign has powerful emotions. 

Pisces-VW Bus

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