The Three Most Characteristic Zodiac Signs

A common misconception is that only fire signs may have strong personalities. The indications provide scope for improvisation. 

Personality traits associated with each zodiac sign


If Leo has determined something is going to happen, you'd better be on their side because else, you'll be hearing about it nonstop.

A Leo isn't just another powerful person; they're a speeding train of power that will knock you off the rails if you don't get on board.


When we think of a bull, we picture a clumsy animal that wrecks a delicate tea set, but Taurus is more like that. They might be clumsy and rude, but they always get what they want.

A Taurean's powerful, obstinate, and persistent character always helps them obtain what they want—and if the whole china store breaks in the process, well, too bad!


In this context, "strong" denotes a domineering personality. Yes, Scorpio is undeniably the most dominant, insistent, analytical, and judgemental sign.

When dealing with a Scorpio, it's almost hard to win. You'll find yourself giving in in practically every discussion you have with your confident Scorpio buddy, if only to save your sanity.


There's little question that Aries is the most dominant sign. They have the makings of fervent leaders, sturdy military generals, and towering figures of power.

Aries is the zodiac's "fighter," so you can count on them to be fiercely loyal to the causes they believe in and the people they care about.

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