Three Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes For February 23, 2023


Today's limited Taurus time implies you'll be put on the position and pushed to do something you don't like.

You despise and disobey orders. On this day, you won't have much choice, so instead of taking responsibility, you'll turn on the person who forced you to act.


You remember hated individuals sometimes. That seems pointless, yet you'll indulge again during Moon sextile Mars.

Today lets you shut yourself in your thoughts and beat yourself—and others—to your heart's delight. Sarcastic? Cancer, how else? Why do you chose negativity today? You can.


Mars energises everyone. Leo, you don't want others to know how you feel because they'll think you're weak.

You appreciate being kind and intelligent, but you never call yourself weak. Regrettably, the Moon-Mars energy wounds you deep. It will weaken and expose you.

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