Tuesday, February 14, 2023's Best Horoscopes

The Sagittarius Moon aligns with Mercury in Aquarius early in the day, creating a day of constructive communication and willingness to discuss life's greater issues.


Today's energies may provide the romantic clarity you need. Mars in Gemini has been changing your love, decision-making, and motivation since August.

As Mars prepares for its last month in this sign, you are in the period of answers and action. You may now make choices that have been on your mind since last summer.

You've been urged to recognise the reality in your life and start changing to stop your avoidance. Mars in Gemini promotes communication.


oday’s energy highlights Mars in Gemini encouraging communication while the Sagittarius Moon gives you the hope and optimism .

Mars is the planet of passion and action, in Gemini it has been focused on decisions, choices and truth.


Mars in Gemini will continue your tale from August, even if the Sagittarius Moon may not be romantic. Mars rules activity and honesty in Gemini.

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