Using astrology to understand why he keeps coming back to you


As a fire sign, Aries is one of the most emotionally invested Zodiac personalities. Without further ado, let's just say that his smouldering, bedroom-only side may be rather alluring.


He clearly appreciates those qualities in you, or he wouldn't keep coming back. You may put your confidence in the fact that I am saying that Taurus is very perceptive.


 Just being with you is always exciting and joyful for him since you are such a pleasant and unexpected surprise.


For as long as you're in his life, Cancer will keep coming back to you since you inspire him to take romantic chances. He protects his sensitive emotions with bubble wrap .


An adrenaline rush is like crack to a Leo. He hopes that the person he's seeing is willing to try new things and embark on spontaneous adventures with him.


Virgo has a propensity to let the pressures of the outside world to get to him. No matter how well he plans, life always seems to throw him a curveball.


Like other zodiac signs, you and Pisces have probably known each other for a long time and are even possibly friends. 


Dating him is like being on a never-ending series of "getting to know you" dates, when you shyly grasp his hand and kiss him.


Scorpio fears being vulnerable and opening out to new people. He is very selective about the people he lets into his inner circle, making sure that they will always be there for him. 


When it comes to relationships, Sagittarius is constantly on the lookout for the perfect partner. If you can hold Sagittarius's attention, he won't go elsewhere.


Relationships are like investments to Capricorn. You will never see him putting time and effort (and money) into something he knows isn’t going to last.


Aquarius doesn’t have a long punch list of things that he looks for in a partner. All he really cares about is finding someone he can call his best friend and his other half.

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