What Vehicle Should Your Zodiac Sign Drive?


A BMW i3 suits the eccentric, imaginative, and humanistic Aquarius. A zero-emission engine and dynamic, futuristic design set it apart.


The Mazda3 sedan's modest, timeless look symbolises the brand's own KODO: Soul of Motion design philosophy, making it ideal for conveying this dreamy and deep-feeling star sign.


Aries drivers love red or orange Dodge Chargers. The Charger's forward-slanted nose, muscular frame, and powerful engine match an Aries' aggressive and fast-paced lifestyle.


Tauruses are reliable and grounded. That's why this sign's natives like Volvo XC60s. This model's enhanced safety features, comfy and high-tech interior, and improved ride.


The Hyundai Elantra hybrid's "part electric, half gas" engine meets all three standards and nods to this sign's dual nature.


Cancer, the zodiac's caretaker, wants a vehicle that protects them, their family, and the environment. This sign may find safety and sustainability.


The Jaguar F-TYPE suits Leos' huge personalities, enthusiasm, and love of luxury. This premium sports car's powerful performance, luxurious interior.


Capricorns require an automobile that suits their duty-driven, competent temperament and reflects their disciplined, success-oriented lifestyle.


Virgos require a smart, helpful, and productive automobile. Virgos may multitask in the Lexus NX Hybrid's interior.


Libras like balance, aesthetics, and socialising. This star sign suits the Kia Telluride. It combines style and practicality. 


This star sign's passionate yet hidden nature matches a grey Chevrolet Corvette convertible. Scorpios may drive in the darkness or with the top up.


Sagittarius, forthright and free-spirited, wants a tough, adventure-ready car. They may explore different landscapes, ford water, and go anywhere they want with the Jeep Wrangler.

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