Which Zodiac Signs Spend the Most and Least?

Some of us are overly tempted by deals everywhere. Some of us can't resist using our credit cards to indulge ourselves. Certain zodiac signs suffer with overspending.

Our expert Susan Taylor says Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio spend the most. If you or your spouse are born under these signs, avoid the mall .

The zodiac's top five spenders?

You believe money is created for spending and that buying helps the economy, therefore you live life to the utmost! You purchase items impulsively. 

Aries spends impulsively.

Cancers are childish and might pout when they see something they desire but can't afford. When your piggy bank is empty, you blame others.

Cancer should avoid malls.

Leos must be the most stylish among their buddies. Leos like to be seen and enjoy sparkling things.

Cutlery sets

Libras want to be affluent and purchase everything their wants. They like fancy clothing and jewels. Libras will buy something they enjoy, even if they're broke.

Libra overspends.

You may blow your monthly budget since your bank account is accustomed to it. Scorpios gamble because they need to feel alive.

Scorpio spends rebelliously.

Venus's protégé wins gold! Tauruses are stingy enough to make Scrooge blush! Taurus appreciates beauty but prefers to keep their money in the safe.

Stingiest zodiac sign?

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