You Can Almost Never Read These 4 Zodiac Signs


If you're an Aquarius, you probably already know that you're dealing with one of the coldest and arguably cruellest signs in the zodiac.

To mask their lack of feeling, some people put on a poker face, but Aquarius just doesn't have any. They can easily suppress the need to respond. 


Professionally, Capricorns are the coolest, so you'll never be able to read them. Capricorn, who is uncomfortable with displays of strong emotion, thrives in a society where practical.

You can't get anything done with your mind and heart scattered all over the place. That's why Capricorn makes the most of being a mystery to everyone else.


Geminis are the best at keeping their thoughts to themselves out of all the signs. Your Gemini friend's expression will always be a mystery to you, no matter the circumstances.

They keep everything to themselves, calculating what they need to know and never letting on how they feel, not even if they fall in love. When it comes to poker, Gemini is the clear favourite.


Let's put it this way: Libra has always deceived you. Unless you question them about themselves, they coast on the "good man" label.

Libra is notoriously private, and if you ever try to get any information out of them, prepare to be met with a wall of icy resistance since confrontation is Libra's greatest dread. 

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