Your Zodiac Sign Reveals How You Show Love

Taureans love thoughtful presents. Cooking and sharing a good meal shows devotion. When someone genuinely listens, you know they care?

Taurus' affection:

Gemini love:

They touch your hands, arms, and hair and want to share their brilliant thoughts. They prefer platonic physical and emotional connections.

Cancers will spontaneously praise you. To demonstrate they care, they'll prepare you an apple caramel bundt cake while telling you about work.

Cancer affection:

Leos lavish praises, while Cancers scatter them. Big, flashy items demonstrate they care. They'll tease you until you snap.

Leo's affection:

Do you remember how bizarre it seemed that your Virgo buddy alphabetized your spices and placed your books by height? Virgos love you through organising.

Virgo's affections:

Libras are polite, but especially to those they care about. They may nickname you to demonstrate their devotion.

Libra's affections:

Scorpios won't stare at you, but they'll observe you intently—not in a scary manner, but because they find you fascinating. They'll tell you private stuff if they care.

Scorpio's love:

A Sagittarius's invitation to travel is a declaration of love. Sagittarians contact you daily and touch your back.

Sagittarius' affection:

Capricorn's affections:

Capricorns open out to loved ones. They'll bring your favourite restaurant food home with them.

An Aquarius will guide you. They'll demonstrate it by kissing your face, sending numerous SMS and lovely notes, hugging you, and occasionally doing something utterly unexpected.

Aquarian affection:

Pisces cares for you and will grin all day. They'll laugh at your jokes and push you when you're very hilarious.

Pisces love:

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