Your Zodiac Sign's Best Heartbreak Remedy

The zodiac may help you find your finest and worst attributes. It offers zodiac sign-based dating and friendship advice.

It offers zodiac sign-based dating and friendship advice. If you're an Aries, you may want to marry someone who brings out your greatest qualities.

Fire Signs Heal Heartbreaks

Fire signs are emotional despite their impulsivity and independence. Negative feelings make us regret what might have been.

Fire Signs Heal Heartbreaks

On the opposite end of the spectrum, another fire sign -- Aries -- may find that focusing on themselves will be the best way to mend their heart. 

Earth signs may use tragedy to flourish. Tauruses are considered the most materialistic zodiac sign. 

Earth Signs Can Heal Their Hearts After A Breakup

Clare advises broken-hearted Taurus to do the opposite. Clare advised this sign to join a gym, eat clean, and establish a routine.

Allure says water signs are sensitive, sympathetic,devoted. Cosmopolitan says scorpions are intense. Since they seek commitment, casual partnerships are uncommon.

Heartbreak Remedies Help Water Signs

Scorpios should enjoy a night out with the ladies after a breakup, enjoying their charm and not rushing into another long-term relationship.

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