Your Zodiac Sign's Best Vehicle


You're humanistic, independent, cerebral, and emotionally distant, like Leo DiCaprio. So you notice the world's issues and want to fix them, beginning with your car.


Creative, sympathetic, and idealistic, you like your rich, escapist fantasy life. Nevertheless, the VW bus is a daydreamer's automobile. 


You were the first of your pals to drive at night (even with your learner's permit—shh!), and you love driving with the top down on the open road.


You don't waste money on status symbols. Please use Motor Trend's Truck of the Year to demonstrate your discipline. It may carry a boat or sporting gear.


Patient, reliable, warmhearted and security loving, you’ll delight at the news that the Volvo XC60 is the safest car in the world. 


Range Rover arrives. Speed, incoming calls, and gear position are shown in high definition on the windscreen.


You're the Volkswagen Jetta in human form, Gem. In this chic sedan, you'll look great even if you're retired. We know you obsess about looks (Love you, mean it!) .


You're loving, protective, and careful. Hence, the Mercedes E-Class Sedan is your obvious car match. Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


 As you put the pedal to the metal in your capacious, smooth-riding, all-wheel-drive Forester, you're ready to pick up your kid and his lacrosse mates.


Modest, precise, loyal, and clever, you wear your green heart on your sleeve and wouldn't drive a gas guzzler.

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Urban, flirtatious, and sociable, you're easily persuaded (no, we did not say gullible). You'll love the Cadillac Escalade, America's top-selling luxury SUV. 


Determined, forceful, powerful and passionate, you don’t take the road less traveled; you go off-roading altogether. You’re exciting and magnetic yet secretive. 

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