Zodiac Sign Relationship Boundaries


Aries are temperamental because they fear losing their independence in partnerships. Learning impulse control will help them set limits.


Taurus values personal space and safety. They need a spouse that respects their house and understands that being in a relationship implies sharing and completing chores.


Communicating wants and desires helps Gemini maintain boundaries. Gemini struggles with constantly seeing the greener grass.


Cancers should keep their feelings and limits private. Instead of pleasing their spouses, they should learn to say no periodically.


Leos may defend their boundaries by not idealising and establishing high expectations early on. They should also be themselves and shine.


Virgos could establish boundaries by stopping themselves from trying to find perfection in flaws. Virgos should also set boundaries by not trying to control everyone. 


Pisces are happy when they're liked. Pisces may set boundaries by being honest and having the bravery to admit when a relationship isn't working.


The zodiac sign represented by the scales needs to find balance. Learn to love in a way that is healthy and not an obsessive need for validation.


Aquarius should not allow friends control their love life. When they resolve issues with their spouse and don't involve others, they'll be happy.


Before running off, Sagittarius should learn to let their partners know when they need a break or time alone to recalibrate.


If they love their relationship, Capricorns must learn not to put their career first and speak out when abused. Their confidence should improve.

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