Zodiac Signs Rated for Coolness

Capricorns have the least cool personalities. As a sign, Capricorns tend to be serious and goal-oriented, earning them a reputation for being rigid and serious.


While Virgos have a reputation for being analytical and realistic, they also have a sharp wit and sense of humour that set them apart. They aren't scared to make choices and stick by them.


Cancer is the third most unpopular sign in the zodiac. While they aren't the most outgoing or bold sign, Cancers are fiercely devoted and protective of those they care about.


 Those born under the Taurus sign tend to be low-key and unflustered, with a little demand for attention or admiration. They are content to go at their own speed.


Pisces is the eighth coolest personality type. These gentle souls are usually the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs.


 They are hardly the most cool people ever, but neither are they the most uncool. The diplomatic and charming nature of a Libra.

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The sign of Sagittarius is also considered to be among the most interesting in the zodiac. They are the centre of attention at every gathering due to their hilarious personality.


If you're making a list of the five coolest zodiac signs, Aries has to be up there somewhere near the top. They have a charismatic personality because of their outgoing nature.


The twins of Gemini are the fourth sign of the Zodiac. As a species, Geminis are renowned for their versatility and sharp wit. They are the zodiac's chameleons.


Leos are unquestionably third-best. These fearless and self-assured people carry themselves with an aura of strength and force. 


This free-thinking and adventurous sign is the second-coolest in the zodiac. Those born in the Aquarius zodiac are naturally rebellious. 


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