Zodiac-Specific Valentine's Day Celebrations

This Valentine's Day, Aries, pamper yourself. Allow yourself to say what makes you feel unique and valued. Your perfect celebration need not mirror social media.



Taurus, this Valentine's Day, be intentional. Tauruses should picnic at sunset. A long drive to a lookout will do if it's too cold.

 So if you are a Gemini and coupled this Valentine’s Day, make sure that you're doing something different and exciting.


Cancer patients deserve handwritten notes and thoughtful memorabilia like a fridge magnet from a place you went together or a scrapbook of photos.


Leos do well when they feel like royalty on holidays. They're also very generous at heart, so if you are partnered up with a Leo, expect your gifts and expressions of love to be out-done by them tenfold.


Virgo, the virgin, thrives on Valentine's Day. This holiday helps them calm down and accept.


Libra rules love and relationships. What greater Valentine's Day sign? Take advantage of this holiday if you're a Libra or with one.


They thrive on feeling interwoven with their partners, and love is a word that barely scratches the surface of how deep these scorpion’s hearts can go. 



Valentine's Day is a good time for Sagittarians to slow down. Spend the day with them seeing a live performance—the symphony, ballet, their favourite band.

This Valentine's Day, Capricorns should open up, and what better way than a night in with a couple's question game? Say It, Do It. This year, take care of one other's delicate hearts.


Aquarians worldwide celebrate Valentine's Day with Cupid and their solar season. Their partners should celebrate their birthday and Valentine's Day separately.


Pisces is always romantic. Enough to dissolve your defences and relax. They deserve the gentle love and care they readily provide others.


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